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2007-01-06, 17:41
Here are some pictures of the new skinning knife.

At first I was somewhat leary of the finger hole thinking it was just another gimmick. But after hefting and using it a little, I really like the hole. It makes the knife feel longer and fit in my hand better.

Here is a picture of the knife:


and another in my hand:


The knife is 6.5" end-to-end with about a 3" blade. It came with a fabric sheath that really pretty good.

I got the knife as a promotional item with a magazine subscription - $35.00 for both. At the time I thought that for $35.00 for the sub + the knife, how good can the knife be. I'm pleasantly surprised that it is actually pretty darn good. I don't know anything about the knife. I searched the Browning web site, but couldn't find any knife that was similar. Have emailed the magazine hoping they can give me info on the metal used.

hmmm - cannot seem to get the images to show. Do they show for anybody else??

2007-01-06, 17:59
Here are some pictures of the new skinning knife.


hmmm - cannot seem to get the images to show. Do they show for anybody else??

Nope, not seeing them here using Firefox.

Sounds like a nice knife; I've been wondering about how useful the finger hole is on some blades.

2007-01-06, 20:15
Yes - I'm using Firefox also. But I don't think that is the issue since I can view images that others have posted. I'll try again here an see what happens.

First the knife:


Knife inhand:


Okay, now the images are showing (at least for me - changed photo site to photobucket).

The knife fits the hand slightly better than shown in the picture. I don't have a digital camera - too cheap - but I do have 2 scanners. That's why my fingers look so white - pressure on the scanner plate. Also, in trying to hold my hand in place while manipulating the computer mouse, my thumb slipped off the knife spine, so it is not really positioned correctly for use. But you get the idea.

As I wrote, by using the finger hole, the knife feels larger/longer in the hand while maintaining the utility of a small knife. So I have concluded that the finger hole is more than a mere gimmick, at least for this knife.

2007-01-06, 20:25
Just one more comment on the finger hole.

It gives a better grip on the blade. If the blade starts dragging while cutting and pulling the knife, the finger in the finger hole keeps the blade firmly in hand - it just cannot slip out of your hand - not without losing the finger that is.:biggrin:

The thumb and second finger keep the blade from slipping when you happen to be pushing the blade. The thumb choils on the knife spine are cut to grab the thumb when pushing.

The choils on some of my knives are cut the same and some are cut to grip when pulling. I guess the designers have a reason :biggrin: for which they use. I like those choils, they really do help.

2007-01-06, 20:38
My mind is definitely slipping. :biggrin:

Forget choil above. That is jimping on the spine of the blade.

2007-01-07, 18:06
I'm seeing the pictures now. Looks like a nice knife.
Is the top edge sharp? Or just beveled?

-Have to watch where you take it if the top is at all sharp, as some states have moronic laws outlawing them. -Call them dirks or some other nonesense.
I think it was New York, California, and possibly a few others I don't remember.

I came across the laws when I was looking for the legal limit on blade length for concealed in Montana.
-Just looked in my bookmarks to see if I kept a link to one of the knife legality sites but I guess I didn't. Easy enough to Google if you want too anyway.

Back to the point - I like your knife, it looks handy.
I'm trying out a finger hole on the knife I'm making too. Good to hear you like yours.

2007-01-07, 18:11
Dropkick - just beveled.

Not too sure I would trust myself with a knife sharpened on both. :biggrin:

2007-01-11, 08:03

Nice blade. I think the hole would give more control when skinning.

In general I'm not a big fan of choil notch thingies unless on really big knives cause I like a very small ricasso so I can have more edge near the handle for more leverage when cutting limbs or something where you push away from yourself.

I have this Ranger, and while I think the knife is cool overall, the choil notch thingie kind of cuts down on the leverage.