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Just Jeff
2007-01-06, 20:36
I was at a surplus store today getting stuff to decorate my 7yo's room and they had the plastic CIA knives. I guess they made them as letter openers but folks went all crazy about them so they started selling them as knives. These things are pretty cool, though - it's got a ~4" handle and 3" blade, and I'd be surprised if this thing weighs two ounces.

I think it'll fit my kit b/c I don't like using my regular knife for cooking - I cut all kinds of nasty stuff with it and I don't like getting food down inside the hinge and stuff. I'm sure this won't keep an edge if I'm rough with it, but it's sharp enough for cutting sausage, cheese, etc - and it only cost me $3.50 so I can always get another one if it dulls.

I'll play around with it and decide if it's worth carrying, but so far I kinda like the idea.

2007-01-06, 21:48
Did you make it to Old Sarge's?

Just Jeff
2007-01-07, 08:35
I went to the two right outside the Yadkin gate. Didn't find Old Sarge's...where is it?

2007-01-07, 09:37
I'll show you where its at today when you come over.

2007-01-07, 13:59
JustJeff - if they are the same as AG Russell sells:

http://www.agrussell.com/knives/by_maker/a_through_d/a_g_russell_knives/accessories/a_g_russell_cia_letter_opener_when_ordered_with_an other_item.html

Then they are very tough ( read that as very, very tough ) and only 0.8 oz. Don't hold an edge like steel, but some 400 grit sandpaper works good.

Also make very good stakes. Not as light as TI rods, but they don't bend either, with the broad surface they hold better than TI and the hole in the end makes it easy to tie to and pull up. 99.99% of the time I'll use the AG Russell ones before I'll even think of using the TI rods.

Just Jeff
2007-01-07, 17:54
Mine is a different design but it's pretty close. Half that price, too...guess I got the cheap copy. We'll see how it holds up.

2007-01-07, 19:12
Probably a different material also. That stuff AG Russell uses takes a hell of a beating.