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tom blum
2007-01-08, 13:20
I saw a replacement bladder in WM. 2 liter size.

That seems about large enough for one person.

My question is: Can I just stick it down the side of my pack, or do I need an outer cover??



2007-01-08, 13:38

What is WM water bladder? Platypus? MSR? WTF?

2007-01-08, 14:18
I'm guessing WM = Wally's World, aka WalMart.

Regardless of quality, I put anything holding my water supply in an outside pocket, so that in case of failure, the water supply doesn't wind up inside my pack.

Either way, I wouldn't waste my $$ on a cheap bladder. Any good brand name will hold up fine. I carry a 1-liter and 2-liter platypus on most trips.

tom blum
2007-01-08, 15:26
Sorry for the shorthand. WM is WalMart.

I think the replacement bladder was aplatypus, but I'll recheck.

And, a dedicated pocket is a good idea, right?


2007-01-08, 15:28
I agree Deadeye, the platypus bladders are cheap enough I don't see a reason to risk ruining a trip using anything else. I carry two 70oz platypus bladders, both outside of my pack liner. Some of the chain sporting good stores carry them now and Campmor is just a few clicks away from sending it to your doorstep and they ship fast.

2007-02-07, 14:53
platypus three years old,hasen't leaked yet,great product.

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