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tom blum
2007-01-09, 17:51
A question about Gearskin packs:

I read that you had an external pocket added to your latest Gearskin.

I think, based on one use of my clone, that would be a good thing!! I need a place for a water bladder and snacks. I didn't feel real comfortable with stuff just tucked in the sides.

How would you add a pocket??

These are possibilities I have thought of
1. Sew on a small daypack, minus straps.
2. sew up a stuff type sack and clip it on after the pack is assembled.
3. Sew a mesh panel to the rear loose enough to stuff things in there

TIA for any advise you can throw in.

Miles of Smiles


2007-01-10, 09:32
You could also consider a small pouch that clips on to your front straps. I have experimented with a large fanny pack carried in front suspended by the shoulder straps of my day pack and it carried amazingly well, allowing me to walk more upright and the straps to be worn looser. I would only suggest it for loads under 30 pounds however. I think beyond that most weight needs to be carried on the hips, and a slight forward lean helps facilitate this. Most of us carry loads well under 30 pounds though. Then again, some of us already have an extra 30 pounds in front also. Now if there was a way to clip the straps on to that that didn't involving clamps and body peircing ???

tom blum
2007-01-10, 14:57

Just Jeff suggested the same thing a while back, now that you mention it.

My pack is right at 30lbs now, without water but with 2/3 days of food.

I'm mainly thinking of a place for water and a snack, I may go with two gatoraid bottles clipped the the straps and tuck the snacks.

This weight thing takes a lot of discipline. Maybe the straight jacket approach is best til I get more mileage.

I remember thinking that the mile up to the top of Springer would be "cake"

Then, enroute, thinking "Holy Shit! this is strenuous!!"

Miles of Smiles

SGT Rock
2007-01-11, 12:46

Don't tell my wife. I am trying to get her to walk to the top of Springer with me on the start of my thru-hike. I told her is was an easy walk under a mile.

tom blum
2007-01-11, 14:48
It wouldn't be bad with no pack.

That 30 lbs makes a big difference.