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2003-01-08, 09:36
I just ordered my new tent!

Dancing Light Gear "Ultralight Arapaho Solo".

I'm having them customize the front "bathtub" height up to 5" for added protection.

It also has the optional velcro closed mesh doors, and it's being seam-sealed by them.

Color option I chose was "Purple Haze" lol.

I was going to make my own, but decided to puchase a custom built tent instead. Next is making my down quilt...

2003-01-08, 16:10
It looks lik Brawny sews good products and you would probably pay just about as much by the time you buy your materials. Not to mention the learning curve with silnylon (can you say SLICK).

Let us know how is works out.

I'm going the HH route myself. I hike mostly in Florida and we have plenty of trees but also lots of wet ground, slitheries, etc.


2003-01-08, 17:10
Well I just ordered my stakes as well.
Nine 6 1/8" SnowPeak Titanium V-Stakes @ 0.5oz Each.

So Tent, Stakes, & Stuff Sack should be around 2 pounds even!

My base pack weight has now dropped down to about 15 pounds!

This includes a 3 1/2lb Therm-a-Rest Camp Rest!

2003-01-27, 21:31
Hey all, my first post, I just finished my sescond project, my tarp tent after Shires. I had a great time sewing, and desiced to leave off the mesh sides for now and see if it works that was. I slept out in the rain , not heavy but steady the other night, (on my deck). I really like it, kept one side closed down and the other open. The bottom of my bag was wet by morning(damp) but otherwise I was fine. I'm thining of tyvec with a pouch sewed for my feet, any experience with that? I would like to sew a light bivy bag out of Epic, has anyone heard of finding this? Lastly, I had no problems with Sil Nylon being slippery or hard to sew, and this is my second project, my first being a 3000 ci rucksack that weights about 15 OZ, can you say tooo fragile. I did take it out for a run with five pounds in it and my z rest as a frame, and it was fine. I will slowly add weight.


2003-02-22, 20:27
I bought a 2 person Tarptent last year. I used it for about 30 days on the trail. The mesh seems to stop a lot of mist and rain from getting inside. Did you sew the rain beaks on the front and back? Those help a lot with weather resistance.
You might consider using Tyvek as a groundsheet and using Velcro strips to secure it to the mesh sides. That way you get the advantages of a sewn in floor without the disadvantages.
I use a hiking pole to set mine up, it seems a lot stronger that way. For 3 season hiking this is my shelter of choice. There are lighter tarps and more bombproof tents but for an overall shelter this is the best I have found. Happy trails, Hafdome

2003-02-23, 10:08

Who makes the Tarptent you mention in your post....


2003-02-23, 18:01
I got mine from Tarptent.com. They also have instructions for sewing your own. Hafdome