View Full Version : New Widlwood Wood burning stove

2007-01-10, 22:04
Makita Metalworks has listened to user feedback and developed the Wildwood II stove:


1. replaced steel with stainless steel (users didn't like rust even though the rust didn't damage the stove),
2. reduced weight from 17 oz to 6.8 oz
3. changed size from hexagonal shape to square, from 5.5" diameter to 4.25" square and from 4.75" tall to 4.875" tall

The reduced weight, of course, comes from two factors - thinner gauge stainless and smaller stove.

And it will now accommodate esbit fuel and alchy stoves.

a good stove gets even better.

2007-01-10, 23:01
anyone around here own one that could answer a few questions?

a) how is it in wind? the design looks like you might want a windscreen

b) how is the overall stability/fit wobbly at all?

I have been very interested in that stove. To see it shed weight down
to under 7oz, I think i just might have to buy one. Love fold/flats.