View Full Version : Palmetto Trail

2007-01-15, 10:09
Has anyone hiked the entire trail? I have done some of it and am going to do the section from Moncks corner to Witherbee Ranger station Jan 27&28, 07 if anyone is interested in hiking with the Charleston Backpacking club. Trip report to follow.

Just Jeff
2007-01-15, 17:36
I've done a bit of it....Swamp Fox section and another further north. I remember how cool the spiders looked...all kinds of neon colors I've never seen on spiders before, and one was black and bright white with horns all over the abdomen...freaky stuff. Bad part is that I couldn't get a picture...they were so small the camera kept focusing on the background. Felt like I was in a Spider Man or Predator movie or something.

Looking forward to the trip report.

2007-01-29, 06:21
Well members of the Charleston backpackers did part of the trail: Canal Trailhead back to Witherbee Ranger station, about 17 miles. Waterworld!! Yes this goes thru the Wadboo swamp, but a good part of trail was under water. Nice day warm about 65, hiked to the Cane Gully campground. Played with my new Zip stove. Sure am glad that I was hanging (HH) as about 12:30 the skies opened up. It poured until about 6:30 AM. At least it was another warm day after it stopped and the sun can up. Again waterworld two, *Note many of the old hands were wearing sealskin socks and sandals, Keens were the choice. Hiked to the station but with a little wildlife fun. There are numerous 10 inch wide split log bridges around some of the wetter spots, there on one of the bridges was mister cottonmouth, about 3 1/2 feet and he did't want to go swimming. This is January who was thinking of snakes,a good reason to watch where you walk year round. Overall a good hike. Got to see the swamp without the bugs, clearly marked trail, some birds and one critter.