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2007-01-15, 15:21
I'm looking for a light weight/compressible jacket for a late spring trip in WA.
I'm interested in night time warmth in camp and want something that isn't too "Michelin man" that I can wear around town. Upto now I've been using a mid weight fleece as my outer insulating layer over smartwool T-shirt base layer.
However, the fleece is bulky in the pack and weighs 17 oz.

I'm looking at the Montane Prism and the Wild Things Primalight jackets. Anyone have any experience with these, how do they pack?, what sort of temp ranges are they good for. FYI I'm not a winter camper so the coldest I usually see is mid 30sF

2007-01-15, 21:11
"Arktis USA -1028 SNUG JACKET: Tight ripstop water repellent outer with 100g ISOTHERM fill, the jacket packs away beautifully and satisfies a solid basic need for warmth and lightness. This jacket works well as a liner for the ARKTIS 1015 Parka" - from their website.

I have one I trade for from a Brit Soldier. I love it. Light, warm and packable.

2007-01-15, 21:40
REI makes a hooded primaloft jacket called, I think, the gossamer, it weighs one pound. If I were in snow country I'd want more insulation, maybe carry a vest also.

2007-01-16, 11:36
patagonia makes a few synthetic jackets and vests as well. i hear good things about the micro puff, but don't have personal experience with it.

my own preference is for down, not synthetic. you mentioned 'compressible', and down is certainly that. i'd look at Western Mountaineering or Marmot.