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2007-01-16, 16:42
Hi all,

I know lots of you know firsthand the joys of taking kids backpacking (see Ice's recent family outing - nice pics, BTW. Great looking family). I just wanted to share a little about my overnighter w/my 10yr-old daughter, Caitlin :angel: this past weekend.

I took her out for her first overnighter last year and she did great, especially for a little girl who's a "girl" in every sense of the word (as her mother puts it)and hasn't had a Dad around to share sports & the outdoors with her for long (I married her mother two yrs ago).

Well, we hit the trail in Torreya State Park in NW Florida (closest things to hills I've found in FL) on Sunday, hiked a short ways in and camped out. Aside from a little fear of the BoogyMan she loved it. She helped w/setup of camp, getting & purifying water, cooking, campfire, etc.

Slept great, ate breakfast about 9:00, explored, and then we hiked about 4 miles and she can't wait to do it again. In her words "Creek water tastes pretty good!"

Now her younger sister is dying to go (she's 8), and their mother and I have yet a THIRD daughter now, so there's no shortage of DAddy-Daughter trips as long as the Good Lord keeps me here!:adore:

Thanks for letting me share,
Love 'em while you got 'em

2007-01-16, 17:05
welcome to the fraternity of fathers of daughters... little girls are pretty special...

remind her that the boogy man only lives INside, not outdoors. all the other noises have a real, explainable reason.

2007-01-16, 22:24
Toddhiker, sounds like a great trip. The thing I like about taking the kids is watching them explore and "find" cool things they have never seen before in person and up close. Remember your first salamader, now watch the child before you see their first. They do slow you down, maybe we all need to slow down. What is the goal anyway? How exciting for you. Takes a special person to step in and pick up the "Dad" stuff where others have left off or are unable to. I have a great stepfather still. Great role model. Sounds like you are a great one too!

2007-01-17, 21:45
I have been taking my daughter camping since she was 4. We have had many fun times along with her little brother. Our favorite thing is hiking after dark and seeing the animals that move around at night.

It's funny now because she is almost 13 ,becomming a little "woman" and she still loves to camp but her friends will have nothing to do with it.

My Son is starting Scouts and she has informed me I WILL take her on the camp outs, LOL

My kids have learned a lot of life lessons while camping that I hope they will pass on to their kids.

2007-01-17, 23:04
Great stuff!

It's important we share with the "next generation" like we share with each other on this site. If we don't show them what's out there then who will be around to appreciate the woods?

ALSO: my daughters think my homemade stoves are COOL!!! Now if I could only convert the wife!!!!:argh:

lucky luke
2007-01-18, 03:36
hi folks,

i have a son, but the difference is not that big. :biggrin: so i guess i can write here also.

we took our son camping the first time he was about a month old, and with 6 months we spent a -20C night in the mountains on christmas, and even colder on new years eve. he is 6 now and we have camped every year on those days, plus many more. i donīt want to miss a single one. neither does he. and we still go on every occasion we get. we donīt go far. just a hike up the hill where noone can see us is enough. he just needs time to check things out when weīre there, and the day is just fine for both of us. so many things for me to remember and to tell and to explain....such valuable time.

lucky luke

2007-01-19, 10:32
Was this her first hangin ?


2007-01-19, 14:28
Was this her first hangin ?


Actually, we took the tent instead. As you know, I prefer to hang and I know she would like it - but I wasn't about to put up w/the bruises I would get from sharing a hammock w/her (:biggrin: little wiggle worm) & she would be too scared to sleep in the woods by herself!

My goal (since I have a second hammock on order) is to let her use my other sometime....

lucky luke
2007-01-20, 10:33
Was this her first hangin ?



i never even thought of that question!

happy hanging
lucky luke