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2007-01-17, 10:53

While planning to complete my tropical gear I started wondering what kind of sleeping bag I should take or if I should take any at all (and if no what instead)?
The night temperatures where I will be going will be going won`t be much less than 20 celcius which should be 68 degrees fahrenheit so it`s a pretty hot and humid climate.
Any suggestions?

2007-01-17, 12:15
For that climate I would suggest two poncho liners. One modified "Ranger Rick" style (check his website) with a head hole. Instead of Ricks's sleeping bag zipper, put a drawstring in the end and use velcro or buttons to make a footsack so you can use it for a top quilt in the hammock. Modify the other for use as an underquilt, Rock's directions are on this site.l You want dry clothes to sleep in and the only way to keep them that way will be a roll-top stuff sack, I like the OR brand. If you want to go first class on the poncho liners, get the thinsulate models from Brigade Quartermaster. An alternative would be to make your own top quilt (see Ray Jardines' site) with a single layer of polarguard.

2007-01-17, 21:14
I concur with TAK. Take the "woobe" (you would be cold if you didnt have it). I have a Ranger Rick woobe for just those climates. Instead of needing two, I take an old emergency blanket, the kind with the shiny side and the green side for the odd cold snaps.

2007-01-18, 00:02
Many wouldn't agree with me, but I like a blended percale sheet.

I've camped many times with just a sheet and an old wool army blanket for a bedroll. I fold them together like a sleeping bag.

A lot of hikers/campers don't like cotton because of it's propensity to soak up moisture/water, but with the poly/cotton blend I haven't ever had big a problem with it.

Overall I'm just more comfortable with it.

2007-01-18, 12:34
i took a bedsheet on every deployment and field problem i ever went on... kept my sleeping bag clean and was more comfortable than having sticky nylon on your skin. and you could wash it more easily than a sleeping bag.

2007-01-20, 07:42
Thanks for the advice,

I bought a silk liner yesterday (they`re quite expensive I found) and tried to sleep in it in my room, the temperature was 64F (18C) and although I wasn`t really cold it gota little bit chilly with time. Still I am unlikely to encounter such temps, where I am going the night temperature is more around 75F (24C). But since these things are so light I`ll take a thicker liner as well when I go just to make sure.

2007-02-18, 22:38
In Nam we just used a poncho liner inside our poncho. Of course we slept in our clothes and boots. Just lay down on half of the combo and flip the other half over you.
When we could swing our hammocks we just wrapped up in the poncho liner and used the poncho for a rain fly over the hammock.