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2007-01-17, 21:19
All moved into the new place now and I am pleased to announce.... I have aquired [drum-roll] ....... man-room! WOOOHOO!! Now, most here will understand the importance of this immediately, but for the ladies and a few backward folk... here's the deal.
A man, in his home, has dominion over pretty much... well nothing. Most men are thankful for the 3 square feet they are alloted for all personal belongings, on the top of their dresser. Aside from this one small, free independant realm, all else falls under the sole, life-long, and exclusive dictatorship of woman.

Now a few very fortunate, supremely lucky men have actually managed to parley with woman, and sieze a chunk of house territory viewed by woman to be otherwise useless. Such domains usually include unheated garages, unfinished basements and for the extremely elite... the all coveted detatched garage! Basically any area of the house that woman is least inclined to travel to on a daily basis.

Today I mark myself one of these fortunate men. For I have graduated from
the closet room... to not a single room, but TWO!! How is this possible?!? My, lord what did this cost you ask??!
Quite simple really. I found a house that was long, skinny and tall. This meant a main level that was nothing more than a garage, a staircase and a small room behing the garage. :biggrin: hehehe....Fortunately the other half was adequately satisfied with the lesser and more irrelevant floors that featured bedrooms, bathrooms and all that crap... So the only thing left was to nail down the official terms of surrender and bargain down the asking price for my new piece of "man country". In the end, the cost was not staggering... but just painful enough:argh: :biggrin:
The Terms of Aquisiton:
1. - to provide woman with main-floor finished laundry facilities

2. - to upgrade bathroom fixtures and decor to the exacting standards of woman.

3. - to execute all picture hanging, painting, carpentry, and window dressing under the strict supervison of woman BEFORE any work is to commence on the newly aquired man-country.

The above list having been satisfied.. I moved into my new territory.
Haven't done much with the garage yet. Just sat in there with a beer:biggrin:
Seemed like enough was acomplished in doing so.
Here is the preliminary work on the camping room:

LIFE IS GOOD!!! :biggrin:

2007-01-17, 21:51
Where do you make stoves and other goodies?

Oh, I got it!!!!! Now that you have the bushbuddy stove no more stove making.

Take Icemans advice!!!!!!!! kill that TV:aetsch:

2007-01-17, 22:28
Really good job for 1st go 'round. It will give you at least a little wiggle room when she comes back saying: " Isn't this (that, or the other) area is getting a little cluttered?" So speaks my little woman who posesses 3/4 of our bedroom closet, 2/3 of the front room closet and all the others.
Married 31 yrs; something new everyday! Condemned to the basement (but, thank god, she's more of a hoarder than I am)

2007-01-17, 22:53

2007-01-18, 01:19
Turk, is that an OK Frenzy?

2007-01-18, 08:01
Turk, is that an OK Frenzy?
yes it is. good eye :biggrin:

Just Jeff
2007-01-19, 00:14
Man, #3 is pretty tough with the time constraints. Woman is a good negotiator/demander. Congrats of the man-victory!

2007-01-19, 11:30

Way to go.... Most Important.... And this has worked almost 40 years for me.... Never forget.... HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE ...

Now about that hanging wall.... Spead them hooks out a bit.... looks like a bit of needless stoage compression on that fine object on the left... :biggrin: