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2007-01-21, 17:45
OK now i got one of those the old vs. the new the first is the new middle is new type end is the gel type to re use it but in boil water makes so can use it again let cool then when needed just squeeze it to it going. Now on the red on i was thing how to make my own fuel so i tried a piece of fungus it was not to hot but it was a small piece try a longer piece light both ends next time got two pictures be back for some reason photobucket not working when it is i put up pictures sorry got it i think it was me brain dead
http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/th_handw.jpg (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/handw.jpg)

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/th_handw1.jpg (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/handw1.jpg)

2007-01-21, 20:17
Hey oops, how stinky was the fungus?

2007-01-21, 20:39
Not bad the house smells good now i got some bigger piece try again see if i get more heat

2007-01-21, 21:20
What fuel do you use in the brass looking one?

Never had much luck with those shelf conks for tinder.

2 years ago I cut down an apple tree that had been killed by a fungus that caused a dry rot throughout the trunk. The dry rot wood burned just like tinder fungus, amazing stuff. Would light with a spark and would not go out unless water was used to put it out. That stuff would work great in the red handwarmer.

I have a little tinder testing pot that I take with me when I'm on hikes to test different tinder possibilities, rotted trees, nests, plant material. There is a milkweed that grows in the woods (asclepias exaltata) that produces excellent tinder starter(fluff in the seed pod). I'll see if I can remember to post a photo of the little pot and what I used to make it. I also use it to start my camp fires. I don't take it with me always just when I'm feeling primitive. Mostly in the fall of the year.

2007-01-21, 21:39
Well a old one the brass not tried it yet but the fuel use the reg sticks in half i am going try fungus in it also got to out in the shop crank up band saw to cut it but its to dam cold out there