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2007-01-24, 10:44
As with most things I do, Go Big or Go Home! I have created a Super Mega Cozy Pot System for use when cooking for four when in very cold conditions.

(I actually made this a few years ago, but was so happy with it this last trip that I thought I better share...) We call it our "trail microwave".

What we have here is a 2 Liter MSR Titanium Pot with heat exchanger which slides down into a homemade cozy after things are all nice and toasty.....

I insulated the lid to help hurry up the cook time.....

The reason I need this is that it is near impossible to make enough grub for four people and keep things hot, all to be ready to sit and eat together. No fun cooking and feeding the gang, and then having to wait to eat by oneself later. Works great! I cook the main meal...., and then place in the cozy, and then I can finish whatever else I have planned and all is warm at the same time later.

Yes, is it big. Yes, I could get by without it. No, I am not going to weight it.

I have been amazed at how long this thing keeps food warm, even when the temperature outside is in the teens.

2007-01-24, 14:53
Brief question- do you cook with the rope bail in place, or is it removeable?
Gas stove, not wood?
thanks much!

2007-01-24, 23:47
Rope in place, havent scorched it yet. I had sewn the bail on to ready the pot for cooking/hanging in my tent, but I have not modified the stove to hang and burn, not sure I will now. The 2 liter pot is large enough that a single burner hiking stove doesn't send a flame up the side.... Gas pressure hiking stove, Brunton Optimus Nova.

2007-01-26, 14:37
Hey I may have to try that idea:adore:

One of my major bummers in cool weather is when you cook something and then have to cook something else to go with it (I like instant mashed potatos and gravy a lot when hiking) and then one or the other is cold. That seems like a good idea!!!