View Full Version : Trouble spots on AT?

2007-01-29, 17:26
Hi all. I am planning to thru-hike the AT summer of '08. I currently own an HH, but I am wondering if there are any stretches where finding suitable trees for hanging my hammock will be problematic. Thanks for your input!

2007-01-29, 18:19

First off all welcome, I can't categorically state there will be trees everywhere, but it won't be an issue very often. It is certainly not a problem until New England, I've done a little section in New Hampshire ( the Whites) and there are places up high where there isn't a suitable place to hang. But then, unless the weather is nice, you are gonna be in the shelter there any way to get out of the wind. I've read you have to stay in the shelters ( USPS rule) in the Smokies.

Here is my plan; I bought a Kickass Quilt for my Hennesey and just a few moments ago, the UPS man delivered my Feathered Friends Rock Wren, which is hammock friendly AND a proper sleeping bag. If I thru hike I'll carry a section of Oware's 36iin wide pad, trimmed at the foot to fit the hammock. I'll be set to hang or go to ground.

Others here may chime in, check over a White Blaze for sure, there is a hammock forum there, if you haven't seen it already.

2007-01-30, 11:19
That sounds about right - the only place you'll have a hard time finding trees is above tree line in the Whites and Maine. Of course you can't/shouldn't camp above tree line anyway, so not a problem unique to hangers. Everywhere else - if you can camp, you can find trees.

2007-01-30, 14:30
Well, thanks for clearing that up. I was kind of worried about the Whites in particular. I've visited there before, but I was unsure if the route the AT takes in that area stayed mostly below treeline. Good point about the wind, though. I remember chasing wrappers, maps, and lighter clothing articles around my campsite on my prior visit, and I was camped at fairly low elevation.