View Full Version : Wisconsin Trails?

SGT Rock
2003-01-17, 10:04
I was stationed in Beaver Dam Wisconsin from 1990-1992 as an Army recruiter, but I NEVER EVER had time for hiking, so I don't know a lick about hiking in this state. Anyone out there got some trail info?

2003-05-08, 12:06
When you get back from the Big Sandbox, Sgt. Rock, you come up to Northern Wisconsin and I'll see to it that you find some nice trails. My hammock is your hammock!

Ice Age
2008-08-22, 11:43
Resurrecting this zombie.

Rock, you were less than 30mins away from some great hiking in the Kettle Moraine forest when you were in Beaver Dam.

How the hell did they pick BD to send you to? Were they trying to punish you?

Anyway, I hereby name myself as the AtC Wisconsin Trails guru until somebody better comes along