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2007-02-01, 15:51
Last weekend while on an overnight ran into a moccasin sunning it'shelf on a footbridge over part of a low flooded area. To be honest it was in the 60s and had been cold the night before. Wasn't really on the outlook for snakes. I have never been bitten, got hit in the pants leg once by a diamondback, had a religious experiance with a banded krait once in my other life, but no bites. So who would have thought snakes in January. Oh yeah forgot about them snow snakes I used to see at Grand Forks, ND and the Kun,ROK

2007-02-01, 21:40
The snakes out here are lethargic even when in the 70s. I can't imagine finding one laying out in the 60's. We have stumbled across a couple around hunt camp when cold out, but they are literally frozen into a ball and you can pick em up with your hands. Totally out of it at 50 degrees.....

2007-02-02, 08:55
We don't have any poisonous ones here in New Brunswick so I am always glad when I run into one. They seem to take full advantage of microclimates, like rocky sunny spots out of the wind. Last time I saw one was a little garter snake sunning itself in the morning sun against a white painted cement block building. So in cool weather a nice place to stop for tea might also be a good place to find snakes.

2007-02-02, 15:41
Hey Kbob

Saw one about a week ago here in the city limits of Charlotte also near a flood plain area, with the mild winter the Carolinas have been getting we will no doubt see more.
Hey maybe this recent snow storm we had yesterday will finally put them to sleep. Thats why I sleep off the ground, but a hiking buddy found a small Copperhead on the fly of his HH before bed a while back.

They won't kill ya if you get a bite but the bite sure can put you down for a day or two nasty little things.

2007-02-05, 12:43
every critter here in south louisiana bites arms or not,the mosketoes are the worst and most frequent biters,followed by the spiders.
i have taken a few snake bites but the bugs are the worst,in the summer you can not camp without a net they will eat you up.i guess i use a gallon of repellent every year.it must be nice not to have the bug problem we have down here .
that hennessy hammock really shines in the swamps.
gators bite real hard. shooter