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Rob Rohde-Szudy
2007-02-10, 23:09
Alright fellas. Maybe it's 'cause I'm way up here in Wisconsin, but I sure didn't see anything like grease pots at WalMart. I was looking in housewares/cooking stuff. Did I miss something here? Thanks in advance,

Just Jeff
2007-02-10, 23:52
Try Kmart. The rolled lip on the Kmart GP goes to the outside and the Walmart one goes to the inside...some folks say it's more sanitary b/c food doesn't get stuck in there. Whether that makes a difference or not, Kmart has grease pots, too.

Hog On Ice
2007-02-11, 12:37
I think the wally world Grease Pot is no longer being stocked at wally world - Kmart pot is better or if you can't find that check with anti gravity gear for their pots which are similar

2007-02-11, 22:40
Rob, you didnt say whether cost or weight was the biggest concern, but a pot that addresses both is:
the website is closed for maintence, lol
When they open again, check out their Al pot. It's super light and usually around $8. Not a weight-weenie so I dont know the exact grams, but it's good for me.

Here's one from my new favorite gear site if u need to cook for more than one, or if your a big eater:
Did I say I hate greasepots...

2007-02-11, 23:42
Amigi, Campmor has a bunch of different Billy's under the manufacturer name OpenCountry. I have a couple mixed in with gear, good "enough" quality. We use them to melt larger quantities of snow.

I saw JimTankers grease pot, thought he said it was a bit tippy...can't remember exactly.

2007-02-12, 02:20
I used to get a lot of my cooking gear at Goodwill or Salvation Army.
Just look for a lightweight pot that you can take the handle off easily.
I often found gear that in my estimation, was better than the grease pot.

2007-02-12, 03:18
Actually I have the pot out of an old Boyscout cook kit. .7L I think.

Gotta love Goodwill shopping!

Its not really tippy when I'm using that (AWSOME!!!) ION stove that I have.