View Full Version : Chisos Basin - Big Bend

2003-01-17, 11:14
This trail is located in southwest Texas in Big Bend National Park.
It was the first backpacking trip my wife and I took together after we met. One of the most diverse and interesting trails we've ever hiked. Starts off in a lush green area called the Chisos Basin. After you climb up and out of the basin heading southeast you start a gradual downhill that ends up on the prairie floor. There you pick up the Dodson Trail heading west. From the Dodson Trail you can look south and see Mexico. You hike up to an abandoned ranch (The Simpson Ranch) and head north toward Laguna Meadows (a tough up hill pull) and again encounter wooded terrain. Another day and you're back in the Chisos Basin. We did this loop in 6 days. Anyone interested in trying this out feel free to contact us. We still have the maps, guide book and a ton of breathtaking photos.