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2007-02-26, 11:19
oooh Raaahhhhh


2007-02-26, 13:01
I just ran six miles and didnt even realize it.

2007-02-26, 15:54
I think I'll get me an MP3 player and put this on continuous repeat for my daily run.

2007-02-26, 16:06
I think I'll get me an MP3 player and put this on continuous repeat for my daily run.
brings back memories ..huh...
I don't even remember those cadence songs anymore
too many years ago

2007-02-27, 17:22
a long time ago...

Basic at North Fort / Tigerland
everyone including cadre were native born Texans

Infantry AIT - Tigerland

2007-02-27, 19:48
What in the world is wrong only one guy that the hat fits

2007-02-27, 20:27
Krohn, I've been to the North Fort of Polk, that is where the HQ for JRTC is now. All of the light units go there now to be evaluated as a unit. I did a hospital rotation at that old hospital there on the south fort in 82, the hospital was WWII barracks, you had to wheel a patient out of the OR onto an open walkway to take them to the recovery room. Where the hospital was is all planted pines now, and they are pretty big...time flies.

2007-02-27, 23:43
OMG, Look at the Nugs! Have they had then threads long enough to wash then yet ??? I closed my eyes and still see green!!! I'm having flash backs... How we bonded. Oh to be that young again (sigh!). SS :captain:

2007-02-28, 00:22
do y'all remember doin' low crawl sprints every afternoon in Basic ??
we used to call it the breast stroke in the dirt....
When I got to Nam I'm really glad I learned how to low crawl FAST !!! ;-)

2007-02-28, 00:27
What in the world is wrong only one guy that the hat fits
I realize that we're up to Gen-II on the kevlar helmet but you can't wash or cook in your helmet anymore.
a lot to be said for the steel pot.....
..and they build strong neck muscles too..... :gob_cool

2007-02-28, 08:16
The original Kevlar (K pot) was heavier than the steel pot. The latest, the MICH helmet probably weighs about the same as the old steel pot, but it is more comfortable than either. The K pot's first hostile action was Grenada, there is a K pot in the 82nd Abn museum that stopped an AK round during that party, as it was designed to do. Those IED's in Iraq are non survivable if they detonate under a Hummer( If they are large enough), but they don't always time it right, I'm sure those helmets have saved untold numbers of lives.

SGT Rock
2007-02-28, 08:42
Those new helmets are GREAT! Sure you cannot cook in them, but they are actually comfortable and they do the job they are intended to do. I only wish we would have had them for the last 22 years.

2007-02-28, 14:04
microwave oven.

2007-02-28, 14:40
you know the other thing you young guys don't hump - C-4
we all humped around 10# of the stuff- and not just to blow stuff up
we'd tear off a hunk and light it on fire and use it to cook/boil water in our canteen cups (do they still carry canteen cups?)

In this next series of pix we were blowing the last bunker at the end of a 30day search&destroy patrol. Instead of using about 5# cut into pieces and put as place charges we put about 15# in a dish and set it on the floor. We used 200' of claymore wire.... "Fire In The Hole" - it rained dirt for about 5 minutes - overgrown kids with BIG M-80s ;-)


Just Jeff
2007-03-01, 22:42
The pot I was just issued is call the ACH. It's comfortable as far as helmets go.

The body armor is a beyatch, though. Gets in the way of shooting.

2007-03-01, 23:30
Jeff, that is why you must have an M4 stock if you are wearing body armor. You need a rubber buttplate that slips over the toe of the stock to keep it from sliding around on that Point Blank armor. A few units have it together, I saw a little five foot tall female soldier in the chow hall in Iraq with an M16A2 with a collapsilble M4 stock. I asked her who set that up and she said her unit modified them for those too short for that rediculous M16A2 stock. I think she had a 1st ID patch.

bird dog
2007-03-01, 23:49
Sgt Krohn, When I left Polk in 2000 for the last time, most of those wood buildings were still on North Fort Polk. They are used for everything from the JRTC HQ to storage buildings and Barracks for rotation units. BD

Just Jeff
2007-03-02, 00:00
I shot M4s last time but it's still in the way.

I can't even get my arms together for a good Weaver stance with the M9...which is how I'm used to shooting. Still shot pretty good but I could definitely tell a difference...knocked me down from expert to sharpshooter. I'll get it back up once I figure out the new stance, though.

2007-03-02, 09:04
Jeff, you can't shoot from a Weaver stance with body armor, at least not very well. I have the utmost respect for the late Col. Jeff Cooper (I own a Steyr Scout) but he and Jack Weaver got this one wrong. The Weaver stance makes sense for a cop standing in an interview position ( the body is already bladed to keep the sidearm away from the interviewee,IE your feet are already in a weaver stance). Other than that, I don't see much use for it. You can't shoot on the move from Weaver either.

The three fundamentals of a proper shooting position:
1) Bone Support
2)Muscular Relaxation
3)Natural Point-of-Aim.

The Weaver Stance violates all three of these. Of course you can't be completely relaxed in any pistol shooting position but with the isosceles, at least the muscular tension is symmetrical.

If you can't bring your arms together for a proper isosceles stance, your body armor is too large.