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2007-02-28, 12:33
Wanted to get some feedback on these www.bosshead-lite.com We have a hiking group that does a lot of night hikes. Wanted to buy some as a gift, but wanted to make sure they came recommended.

2007-02-28, 13:08

I would want to know what the lithium batteries cost on a regular basis (they're expensive)

If I was really going to hike at night I'd want a red filter over the light source so the white light wouldn't keep my "visual purple" from developing in my retina and giving me better night vision

When I was a kid I coon hunted with my grandfather a couple of nights a week. We used a small handheld flashlight to walk in the dark but when we got a coon treed we used the old fashioned carbide head lights. They work great and the fuel was cheap. They are very bright and when you have a coon treed it's important that you can see him up in the top of the tree.

I have a number of headlights. One small that use 2-AAs that I use around the house to fix stuff and to work on/under the car. I have another 2-AA with a red filter on it I use to walk at night in the woods. And then I have a 4-AA Petzl Duo with two bulbs- a normal and a bright Xenon bulb.

I agree that the lighter the headlight the better

my .02

one more thing to consider- that headlight is mounted to a ball cap- can it be worn on a headband without the balll cap?

2007-02-28, 21:53
Petzal makes a little AAA LED headlamp that has a red lens you can flip up and down, a lot of the units had these issued in Iraq. You can buy AAA lithiums now.

2007-02-28, 23:48
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2007-02-28, 23:56
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2007-03-02, 00:15
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