View Full Version : How Old Do You Feel ??

2007-03-07, 13:37

2007-03-07, 21:05
That is funny...in a sad sort of way. I cheer myself up by reminding myself that Jack LaLanne swam for an hour this morning, after lifting weights. He's 93, I think.

2007-03-07, 21:50
Damn Take-a-knee, I felt pretty good when I saw the picture until I read what you wrote.

2007-04-24, 01:25
Looks like a "Photoshop" doctored photo or being they are together, someone cought them coming back inside after smoking. They do look abit stoned SS:captain:

Red Gauntlet
2007-04-25, 18:51
It's nice to see Eddie, the old scoundrel!
As for Jerry Mathers, he's 59. How do I know? Well, I'm 59 meself....and me and the Beav are the same age.
My kids loved that show and now the grandkids do, too....