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Frolicking Dino
2007-03-11, 13:28
:birthday: :beer: Our own SgtRock turned the big four-O yesterday. :beer::birthday:

He celebrated by backpacking into the woods with his family. It was DixieCritter's first backpacking experience. Since we live pretty close to Dixie and Rock, we just had to hike some cupcakes and candles out to their campsite.

Here are some pics

2007-03-11, 15:35
Happy Birthday Rock!!!:birthday:
Hope this isn't Dixie's last trip into the woods.

2007-03-11, 16:09
It was a HUGE cool surprise for us! We got to finally meet the Frolicking Dinos in person... they are a great couple! We caught them on camera too... :D

Bear, I'll probably go again. ;)

SGT Rock
2007-03-11, 22:12
Thanks again to both of you. Definitely a day to remember!

2007-03-11, 22:46
Ok nice thing to do but now that we have seen Sgt,Dixicricitter.the boys so lets see Frolicking Dino its only fair :ahhhhh: :ahhhhh:

Just Jeff
2007-03-11, 23:46
Sgt Rock looks pretty comfortable OUT of uniform...still getting used to that? Happy Bday.

Glad you enjoyed the trip enough to "probably go again," Dixie! Kids look happy to be in the woods with dad, too.

2007-03-12, 11:51
Happy Birthday, Sgt. Rock. Best wishes to you and your loved ones You've earned it. SS :captain:

2007-03-12, 13:58
Happy B-day!!!

Any holiday at home is better than just about anything. Enjoy!

2007-03-12, 14:08
the Frolicking Dinos


Happy Birthday ROCK

2007-03-12, 18:35
I don't know why my link didn't want to work right. I fixed it three or four times and got it working only to come back to that stupid red x in a box. Oh well. It's all fixed now. Thanks Sgt Krohn, and I uploaded the pic as an attachment to my original post too.

2007-03-12, 19:56
Happy Birthday Rock... sorry that we missed the party....looking at the photos, it looks like it was a goodun...