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2007-03-15, 19:15
Hi all,

I've been browsing this forum recently and have gotten curious about hammocks, however, with so many different types out there I'd really like to try some out before spending my hard earned loot.
If anyone has any advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Mind you, I've already done quite a bit of research, so now I'm mostly interested in seeing how the different brands stack up based on comfort, size etc.


2007-03-15, 21:34
You spends your money and takes your chances.
I can say the military models are heavy, noisy and cramped for what they do.
At 5'-6" 160# I find the HH exped-asym comfortable, easy to manage and pack. If you are unsure and money is an issue; buy the least expensive (but quality) hammock you think will work for you. Just remember; the more basic your hammock, the more intuition it takes to learn the nuance of pitching it. It helps to be able to pitch one in your back yard and nap in it.
Consider that below 65f or so you'll need insulation in addition to your sleeping baq.

2007-03-16, 00:18
I spent night before last in my Hennesy hammock in the Okefenokee swamp. I was lulled to sleep by a chorus of mosquitoes. I don't have any mosquito bites. I've never tried any other hammock, nor do I plan to.

2007-03-16, 01:13
I have had an Eagle's Net Outfitters, Double Eagle hammock for a couple years now. I have hung this thing in all kinds of places from cliffs to between two Humvees and i like it a lot. It is made of parachute material and will hold up to 400 lbs. I added a bug net for times when I might need it and a Dry Fly for a tarp.

2007-03-16, 03:38
You could make your own very easily, and pretty cheap too.

My home made hammock. (http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1828)

2007-03-16, 10:40
Thanks for all the responses.
But, i'm wondering, aside from the entrance "style" that differs from the HH does anyone have a good pro/con list of the various designs.