View Full Version : Anyone spent time in Qatar?

2007-03-19, 21:05
This is a non-hiking question, but I know that the military folks on here have spent alot of time overseas. Has anyone spent any time in Qatar? If so what is your opinon from a saftey stand point for a female American Civilian?

My wife is heading there in April for work.

The bad news I'll miss her.

The good news is I get to go camping as much as I want while she's away!


2007-03-20, 21:46
Lacking a response from the military community here, let me relate a story from a girl I worked with who married a Quatar citizen. He was a good guy, as far as I could tell; kinda crazy (as was she).
They lived here, in Colorado when he was killed in an off-road incident. Years after, she visited her in-laws in Quatar with their children. She was not allowed to return to the US with her two children without the permission of her father-in-law. She spent 3 years there before finding an American male, contract worker willing to pose as her brother to allow her and her kids to escape from there.
This is one tough little broad who is happy to make life on her own for her and her kids back in the USA.
That is another world over there.

2007-03-20, 22:53
Ah yes, more tales from the land of the "religion of peace".