View Full Version : Using an ice axe

2007-03-24, 19:41
Came across this video that I thought was an excellent visual on using an ice axe.
Thought it could be of interest...


2007-03-26, 22:47
Thanks for the post, Geo,
I've got an old ice axe from my Dad that I'd like to know how to use. (not that I'll be doing any accents in the near future.)

2007-03-27, 00:57
That was a cool video. I was taught to dig my crampon front points into the snow by the army 29 years ago, of course the army had me do a lot of stupid stuff. I bought a copy of "Freedom of the Hills" cause I knew what I was being taught might get me killed. Every time private Take-a-knee would try to show something from the "new school" he was promptly put in his place. What we were taught for crevasse rescue was something someone had come up with during WWII and was still being taught 35yrs later. That is just like small arms training, Delta Force picked up a little CQB from the SAS worked out the rest on their own. They were the only unit in the military running a "hot range", that is everybody's gun is loaded, and stays loaded. It took twenty years for this to filter down through the lower echelons of Special Ops, it still hasn't made it to the regular Army yet. A friend of mine was a medic in a camp in Afghanistan last year near a 10th mountain battalion, they had a dozen AD's in as many weeks, with several GI's shot, some with some severe injuries. Civilian firearms trainers like Randy Cain and Lewis Awerbuck train doctors, lawyers and accountants every weekend without anyone ever getting shot, those guys and many others like them have a perfect safety record. Jeff Cooper's Gunsite has a perfect safety record and they've run a hot range from day one.