View Full Version : NH weekend trips (2-4 day hikes)

2007-03-28, 10:22
I'm looking for someone who is familiar with getting around in NH and knows good areas for 2-4 day hikes/camps.

I'm new at hiking but experienced with hunting/survival type stuff. I'd like to meet up with someone who knows the ropes and trails and likes to get out there a few times a month.

I'm 35 and like on the North Shore of MA, the White Mts are only a few hours from me.

You can e-mail me at Rhino-lfl@hotmail.com if you don't want to reply in the thread.


2007-03-29, 18:57
Hey, Rhino!

I'm between Boston and Worcester. I don't get out as often as you indicate, but can swing a 3 day hike Memorial Day Weekend, if you are game for a section of the AT. It isn't NH, but how about VT or NY? I have an AT CD with trail descriptions.

Oh, yeah-I have a son over 35, so I won't promise to keep up with you...I'm slow and steady, but I get there...