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2007-04-03, 18:44
I posted this over on Hammocking Forums and am posting here also. It is important and I am trying to alert people.

Google now has a national reverse phone number lookup.

On the Google search bar enter your phone number with area code.

Anybody can do this and get directions straight to your house. Google has a removal form if the privacy issues are a concern to you as they are to me.

Remember - even paranoids have enemies. :biggrin:

2007-04-04, 00:32
Excellent advisory, thanks. Google can shove it. We need better privacy legislation.

2007-04-04, 01:04
I've got a VOIP phone and I'm glad to say they're stupid lil feature doesn't work on my number!! Very glad to have VOIP service! I Save tons of money only $25 dollars a month. I can call anywhere in north america and talk forever with no additional charges. I got all the extras for no xtra $. I can pull up blocked numbers on the computer of people that call me and think they have concealed their identity (this really pisses off the random prank caller especially when you call em back). My number isn't listed. So no telemarketers and best of all Now I got google Stumped, YES!!!!!!

If I still had the other phone I'd be saying WTF right now!!!

Go Lingo, Cheaper than vonage by the way!!!

2007-04-04, 01:17
Teedee, I couldn't agree more, just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get me. What...me worry?

2007-04-04, 01:18
Information was always available (I've been using reverse directories for about 30 years) problem is that it's easier to access it now and everybody is learning about it.

2007-04-04, 12:53
my celly doesn't work (my wife and I only have cell phones)

gotta remember this when we move into our house and get a landline though...

2007-04-04, 13:10
I googled my phone # and opted out, it said it might take 48 hr to remove my ph#. I will check to make sure. Many thanks Teedee.

Jim Henderson
2007-04-04, 19:34
Goodlge reverse number search has been around for several years. Lsat time someone I knew played with it was around 2004 when a co worker showed his daughter that some perv could find her home address just by her giving him the number. That scared her out of doing one stupid thing.

This is one of those web features I would probably rather not have. I thought it was killed a few years back but either it has resurfaced or it got turned back on?

Jim Henderson

Off to the mountians this weekend to see if a bear or cougar will eat both of my boys.

2007-04-04, 20:36
It's nothing new. All Google does is search already existing databases on the web. Opting out of Google leaves you still on all the other search engines.

2007-04-05, 02:20
Pre home computer I used to do reverse look ups at the local library, or I'd just get it through information on the phone (most phone operators no longer have access to this info). Upon occasion I even used the police reverse lookup (for unlisted numbers).

Like I said earlier, it's nothing new, you've been in several reverse lookups for as long as you've had a landline phone or owned a house.
- I can also find out who owns any address and often who rents.

It's almost impossible to get out of these databases. There are too many and you can't easily survive in today's world without getting put on more.

2007-04-05, 16:09
Because there is a fee (charge)to get your phone number "unlisted". All one has to do is call the phone company and have your phone "listing" changed. You can have your phone, billed to your name and address, then have the "listing" ( how it's listed in the phone listings) state a different name and address ("made up" if you like). Both can be different than where the phone is! It's been done. SS :captain:

2007-04-07, 11:54
Did anyone realize that your SS# and the modern zip code are both 9 digits? Type your social into GT and find the corresponding spot in America. Kinda neat. Mine is a mental health clinic in NY. Too frigging funny.

Thanks for the warning TD. I removed mine, but as has been pointed out, the info is already on the web elsewhere. I hate Big Government, but we seriously need stronger privacy laws in the digital age.

SGT Rock
2007-04-07, 12:34
Mine points to someone else.

2007-04-08, 15:20
Give them a call, I'll bet they are busy... :ahhhhh: