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2003-01-08, 09:55
Thought I'd start a thread ;-).

Just wondering how often you guys see pileated woodpeckers along the AT (for those not into birds, these are the ones that are as big as a crow).

I see thier holes all the time along the trail up NH, but consider myself lucky if I see one or two of these giants a year.

Rick B

2003-01-08, 10:19
I really don't recall if I've seen many while on the AT in Georgia. I do however see them all the time here in South Central Georgia. When hunting this fall it seemed I would see one or two every time I was in the woods. You are right, they are the giant of woodpeckers. One thing I was never sure of was how to pronounce their name.


2003-01-08, 10:20
I have them in my yard in eastern Mass. (my house adjoins conservations land). Probably see one only every month or two in the nearby woods, but hear them more often. They sound like a flicker, but much louder. Just saw what may have been a goshawk last Sunday part way up Mt. Moosilaukee in thick woods.

2003-01-08, 10:21
we saw them everywhere in the south..saw, and heard them , I should say...sounds like someone is building a house in the middle of the trail! Took us awhile to figure out what they were.

2003-01-08, 16:52
I've seen them in my back yard in NJ, about 25 miles from the trail, and once on a side trail in DWG NRA.

-- Whitestag

2003-01-23, 00:00
pileated wood peckers are really common in AR, and have been known to even eat seeds, I see them all the time in my moms bird feeder in hot springs.

Uncle Wayne
2003-01-23, 09:21
They are all over North Alabama. I have them in my back yard and I've seen them in the Sipsey Wilderness. We saw a couple last fall in the Smokies. They are something to see!

2003-01-23, 14:19
Heck, they're everywhere around here. I see one or two almost everytime I get out in the woods.

Whenever I hear one, it reminds me of the Movie "Jeremiah Johnson".

Strange, but true..........