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2007-04-10, 13:57
If I have a sleeping pad, how can I figure out it's R-value? Is there a way to test it that I can do myself, or is this something that is too complex to do without special equipment?


SGT Rock
2007-04-10, 16:41
I don't know.

2007-04-10, 18:28
Do you know what the pad is made of?
If it's closed cell foam, then this may help.

All I did was to google around looking for R-values of material in different thickness and and found this site : http://www.speerhammocks.com/Products/SPE.htm
With a table of r-values and suggested sleeping temperatures for closed cell foam pads near the end of the page. There's some more websites listed that may or may not help address your needs. BTY - I don't use his products.
All I use is a 3/4 length Z-lite in the HH and switch to a tent in cold weather.
Hope this helps......

2007-04-10, 19:27
Ray Jardine says that 1.5 inches of Polarguard will keep the average person warm down to 30 F. I just spent a couple of nights in my hammock in the low thirties, my Ray-Way quilt (with the alpine upgrade, ie 1.8 instead of 1.5 inches thick kept me warm, I was sleeping on two 0.25in thick pads from Oware. In the early morning I was beginning to feel a slight coolness on the bottom, which told me I'd reached the low comfort temp for that pad setup. I was wearing a Visa short-sleeved t-shirt, an underarmor long-sleeved tee, REI zip-off pants and smartwool sox. My head was covered with a light poly pro balaclava and a thick ragwool balaclava. This pretty much jives with what Jardine says.