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2007-04-10, 21:10
Has anyone tried the slap strap?


It might be useful on one end, the foot I'm thinking. It seems to me you'd still need to use a tree hugger and the hennessey knot on the head end to get the ridgeline taught. This would make it a little faster to center the hammock between trees. You'd have a one ounce carabiner on the strap end you could hang your pack on. I've seen climbing runners sewn from spectra that are basically the same thing that might be lighter.

SGT Rock
2007-04-10, 21:59
Are these not just webing replacements for ropes?

2007-04-10, 23:15
It would replace a tree hugger, it basically is a tree hugger with multiple loops along it's length so you can simply move a carabiner to adjust the length of the setup. The first I've ever heard of these things was at Just Jeff's writeup of the last Hammock Hanger's get together, Black Bishop had these on his hammock if I remember his pics correctly. I would still use a regular tree hugger with the hennessy lash on the other end to get the ridgeline taut. It would be easy to just tie something like this out of tubular nylon but all those knots would add to the length required and therefore add weight. Any way you go this will be heavier than just a tree hugger but I think it might add a little versatility and ease of set up if it can be kept light. There are climb rated wire gate biners that don't weigh much more than a minibiner (around one ounce). I'll find some sort of climbing runner made of spectra that won't weigh much. I'll post a link when I find it.

2007-04-11, 13:31
I've used them with a simple day hammock and carabiners at each end of the simple hammock. They do make it easy to adjust the position of the hammock when used at both ends. Haven't tryed them with the hennessy yet. I could most likely use them at each end as I have the hex-tarp, which is tied seperataly. I would expect that an advantage would be that you could improve on the expected elivation of the HH above the ground by eliminating the slack in line caused from all the line required to tie the Hennessy Lash, which tightens up and reduces the location of the hammock above the ground. It may also make it easer to take down the hammock as I find it difficult to undo the lash from the tree trunck after it tightens up..... the lash becomes a knot. Maybe I'll try them this summer. Weight's not such an issue when using a canoe. Any input from those who've used them with an HH??

SGT Rock
2007-04-11, 17:03
I have now gone to a caribeener between the tree huger and the rope. Basically you leave one end clipped in the carribeener and then clip the other end once you have it around the tree. Then you tie the rope to the caribeener using a simple knot. Pretty easy. If you have to tear down in a hurry, all you have to do is unclip the things and wrap it up - then when you get to the next camp you clip it back up and adjust the nots. I am not sure I can see an extra benifit in having more loops to hook into on the tree straps.

2007-04-11, 17:40
The extra loops would enable you to move the carabiner wherever it is needed to center the hammock between the trees quickly without untieing any knots. I figured I'd use it at the foot end so I could clip gear there near the entrance on the same biner.

Here is what I ordered today:


My tree huggers are the short ones (three feet between the loops) and weigh 0.83 oz. each. This daisy chain will weigh about twice that.

2007-04-11, 17:55
I have a set of slap straps. They have some pros and cons.

Simple and quick to set up the hammock indeed.
But they have a pretty hefty weight and bulk.
2 slap straps in stock silk bag = 9.2oz
Also to put the straps in the provided stuff sack, you have to
coil them very carefully and tightly to get them back in.
So the take-down time is quite a bit greater than say a standard
HH takedown with simple HH knot.

2007-04-12, 17:22
He's right. They are bulky and it do need to be wound up for storage.

Why not just put a bunch of loops into the line that's already on both ends of the HH? So that the HH has it's own builtin "slap straps" every 3-4 inches.
Then use them the same as Stg Rock mentioned with a carabiners and the HH tree huger.

I'm no mountain climmer and don't know the best knots to make a series of secure loops. I'd probably use a Alpine Butterfly Loop or a series of Bowlines.

To get a tight connection on the second tree, I'd first try running the line with loops through the tree hugger openings to pull off the tree (if I were unable to just attach it tightly by pulling directly from the first tree.)

Seems too easy. Must be something wrong with this idea..........

2007-04-12, 19:49
Yes, I am thinking something simalar RBD, I figured I'd take the hammock cord, double it (forming a bight), and tie a triple fisherman's knot near the hammock. Then tie a figure-eight every four or five inches out to the end. That spectra daisy chain will not stretch much, so I figured I'll use it's full length if needed and hook the biner as close to the hammock as possible. I'm looking forward to playing with this.

SGT Rock
2007-04-12, 20:10
I hadn't thought of creating pre-made loops in the rope. I may try that.

Thanks for the idea!

2007-04-12, 21:32
2 potential problems with a series of knots in the spectra.

1st - the first time will likely be the last time. When they tighten up after a few nights in the hammock, you will likely have to live with whatever spacing you've developed, period.

2nd - The amount of cordage you lose in the making of several knots along the spectra will severely shorten the potential distance you can hang between trees. Especially with the knots mentioned in above posts.

its definately an idea worth trying out. But somebody else do it first :P and let me know how it goes.

2007-04-12, 22:09
Turk, yes I'm sure I'll use a lot (2/3?) of the length of the hammock rope. I only plan to do this on the foot end. There is way more rope on the hammock than I like to use anyway, trees aren't usually a problem where I live in the south. That spectra daisy chain is nearly five feet long, if you feed one end through and clip the biner at the end that will add length. You could always carry another 2' or even 4' spectra runner and girth hitch it to the end of daisy chain. You are correct about those knots being permanent. I'll tie them and see what I come up with before I put any load on it. When I get all this together I'll play with it and weigh everything and see if it is worth doing and post about what I come up with. I was thinking about carrying a 2' spectra runner anyway 'cause I've found trees that were too large where I wanted to hang that were too large for my tree huggers.

SGT Rock
2007-04-12, 22:15
Seems like there has to be some sort of knot that could be used which could eventually be taken out if needed.

2007-04-13, 08:14
Then you tie the rope to the caribeener using a simple knot.

Sgt, What type of not do you use to tie the hammock to the caribeener?

I may give this a try next weekend. All I have to do is pick up a couple of decent caribeeners.

SGT Rock
2007-04-14, 08:36
Round turn with two half hitches. I put a quick release in the last half hitch.

Just Jeff
2007-04-14, 11:47
TAK - what about the ring buckles?

Seems like they'd be much less bulky and more adjustable than the slap straps. One issue with slap straps is that you have a few positions to adjust to. That's not a big deal with non-ridgeline hammocks, but with an HH you need a certain level of tautness for the right hang. Won't make a big difference but I bet you'll be able to notice it some nights.

I think Blackbishop uses the Crazy Creek buckles setup instead of the Slap Straps now.

2007-04-14, 13:03
That is way cool Jeff, I must try that ring buckle set up, those aluminum descending rings don't weigh much. I think I'll try to adapt the ring setup to the tree huggers, when I get everything in I'll weigh it all and try it out. I'm getting my daughter's hammock set up also (I bought her a hyperlight) so I'll see what she thinks is the easiest setup. Thanks for the post Jeff and thanks for putting all that on your website. How is life with the "jumpin junkies"?

Just Jeff
2007-04-15, 12:22
NP - be sure to post pics so I can see how you adapted it.

New job is great...thanks for asking. Quite a change working with the Army though!

2007-04-18, 19:01
Round turn with two half hitches. I put a quick release in the last half hitch.

Thanks SGT.

I picked up two Black Diamond Live Wire Carabiners today so all I have to do is practice my knots a bit and I will be all set to try it this weekend