View Full Version : Having my cake and eating it too...sleeping pads.

2007-04-13, 02:21
I'm scrapping my idea of a full length sleeping pad. I was reading this article on various sleeping pads:


For my 3-season camping, the prolite-3 small looks very popular at 13 ounces.

If I go with the Mariposa, I'll need to give the backpack some structure and I gather that's best done by storing GG Nightlight Torso Pad or Sit Pad on the outside especially if u have the carbon fiber installed. Though I'd lose a couple of inches of length when you compare the Prolite 3 Small to the Nightlight Torso, you'd make up for it in thickness (by combining any of the three GG pads below) and weight savings, right?

Nightlight 3/4 -> 8.2oz
Torso -> 3.8oz
Sitlight -> 1.4oz

Totals ranging from:
5.2oz (Torso + Sitlight)
7.6oz (Torso + Torso)
12oz (Nightlight + Torso)

Thermarest Prolite 3 Short pad-> 13oz.
Sitlight for structure-> 1.4oz


My question is...is this recommended? Is there any problem with doubling up these pads? If I put the torso pad on the outside for structure and another torso on the inside of the pack on the wall of the mariposa farthest away from my body (to keep the packs weight as close to me as possible), will I run into any problems? What about if I use the Torso pad for structure on the outside and loosely roll the 3/4 pad on the inside?

I guess I'm not ready to jump fully into ultralight with my sleeping comfort. :p



SGT Rock
2007-04-13, 07:48
Well that isn't a bad weight for a pad, and I have never heard any problem from doubleing pads. This is one you will most likely have to do some exploration learning on since everyone is different on how they sleep.

2007-04-13, 10:49
Hiking sucks when you're not sleeping well, so comfort is as important as weight when it comes to pads, IMHO. I use the prolite shorty, and 6 sections of a z-rest pad. the z-rest is handy for breaks, and adds an extra bit of cushion and protects the prolite if I'm sleeping on the ground. In the hammock, I sleep on the prolite and put the folded z-light under my knees: I don't feel so "bent" that way.

If anything, I'm looking at thicker pads for ground sleeping due to hip problems (sucks to get old, too)