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2007-04-13, 19:32
First off, let me introduce myself.

My name is Justin, and I live in Colorado. I've recently started to develop an intrest in hiking and backpacking, and am looking into using a hammock for sleeping arangements. I'm currently poor, and am going the extra thrifty route while setting up my gear. Fortunately, a 4 year stint in the Airborne Infantry has equipped me with a few (admittedly heavy) pieces of useful gear. One of the more uncommon pieces of equipment is the GI Style Jungle Hammock, which a former roommate gave to me after he moved on to better equipment. It's not an issue piece of equipment, but rather an item he got from Campmor, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of hammock?

So far my attempts to set it up and test it in my backyard have resulted in a bruised elbow. I guess the first hint should have been that the hammock looked brand new, despite being used in the swamps of Ft. Polk, LA, indicating to me that my friend wised up quick and got a better piece of equipment.

Any help anyone could give would be appreciated.



2007-04-13, 20:06
If it is a good copy of the m1965 Jungle hammock.... remove the stretcher pole sleeves on the sides and the repair kit pocket on the bottom....Later models have removable flys.... if not cut it off and sew the bug net together as a peak over the hammock... this will cut the weight from three to close to 1.5 poiunds....Watch the cords close for wear.... they do wear and break pretty fast.

Good luck... yea i upgade past this one ... even after the mods highlighted.

plan a good bottom insulation...