View Full Version : Sehha 4/07

2007-04-17, 16:37
SGT Rock, I just wanted to say what a treat it was to meet you :adore: when you showed up to visit us at the SEHHA Hangout in Hot Springs. It was a real pleasure to meet you and your family. Good luck on your remaining time in your enlistment and welcome home!

SGT Rock
2007-04-17, 17:33
Thanks Hooch. I plan to be there again in September.

2007-04-17, 21:36
yep, it was good to meet you & your family at hot springs SGT Rock.
i was the guy that asked you if you knew just jeff... then it turned into a military strategy conversation<g>.
hope to see you at trail days & BTW, there's a SEHHA camp out at hot springs june 8-10 too, complete w/ live bluegrass music in the campground.
thank you for your service & good to have you back. ...tim

Frolicking Dino
2007-04-18, 13:36
I was glad to see DixieCritter and Rock again. Enjoyed watching Creek Hopper making forts with dirt and sticks and talking with Dead Man Walking.

2007-05-04, 11:21
Stuff like this should happen in my neck of the woods. I always travel with homemade infused vodka and homebrewed beer.