View Full Version : looking for an underblanket

2007-04-20, 16:07
Before I shell out almost $200 new for one, I was wondering if anyone has an older one they want to get rid of? I'm not handy at sewing, and, working full time & going to school, I honestly dont have time for it. So, if anyone is willing to part with one, let me know. Also, I am in the US, so please take that into account. I will be willing to trade...let me know what you're looking for, & I'll let you know what I have/can scrounge. Thanks!

SGT Rock
2007-04-20, 20:50
Heck no, I love mine.

2007-04-20, 22:31
Thanks :bootyshak

I may have a deal pending on the hammock forums, so, we can probably delete this.

SGT Rock
2007-04-20, 22:35
OK, let me know if you want it to go.