View Full Version : Spruce Trap

2003-01-17, 17:55
When snow is deep enough that it cover the top of a spruce tree, beware. Since there will be voids in the snow pack, you can fall into those voids and get caught.

Not uncommon off trail in the Northeast.

2003-02-04, 18:36
When you appear to be above timberline, but you know that the trees are 8 feet high at this place in summer, then beware. Since you can't see where the trail is, you cannot stay on it, and you cannot avoid the spruce traps. In this situation, it is best to have a friend along who will laugh uproariously when you fall in. But his laughter will cause the spruce trap that he is standing over to spontaneously collapse, and then you can laugh just as hard. After spending 20 minutes extricating yourselves from your respective spruce traps, you will take 3 steps and fall into yet another spruce trap. At this point you will both realize that further progress is impossible and will retreat the way you came If you don't believe me, try crossing the Bigelows from the Horn to Avery Peak in winter.