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2007-05-01, 10:06
Do with what you want.

Might make a great stove preheater, firestarter, romance enhancer, iodine taste killer, hand cleanser, antibiotic, deodorant.

What am I talking about? http://www.pfizerch.com/product.aspx?id=529

Listerine CoolMint Pocket Mist.

Flammable. Oh yeah. This tiny breath spray burns great. Just spray some on a glass plate, and get a nice flame going. Imagine spraying down your tinder before lighting your fire. Use to preheat your pressure stove. Your wife avoiding you in the tent at night, try knocking down your trail breath with this stuff...(Personal lubricant? Havent tried this yet..Any volunteers?) Iodine tablets ruining your day?, try a "Coolmint Spritzer" instead..... Hands a bit fouled, if it burns, it's gotta kill germs, right? Stumble on the trail and scuff your knee, spray on the CoolMint. Pits and other areas getting a bit funky, "de-funk" them with a refreshing blast of CoolMint!

The motherload of multi use!


Frolicking Dino
2007-05-01, 10:14
"Personal lubricant? Havent tried this yet..Any volunteers?":ahhhhh:

2007-05-01, 12:12
How long does it burn per spurt?