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2007-05-02, 02:30
Well the hard part was to get the stove the right hight and most time on fuel and get oven hot. Well on1-1/2 oz. alcohol burn time 16. min. at 12 min. 225F and going up to 250F. stayed there at 250. This burner is the milltery type little bigger then the trangia.That oven is the one i made out of a flour canister . More testing more eats.

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/stoves%202/th_oven02.jpg (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/stoves%202/oven02.jpg)

SGT Rock
2007-05-02, 06:59
Mmmm -testing.

What did you make?

2007-05-02, 15:17
Well i fix the hot spot i put roof flashing on the bottom of the rack did not burn as much much better. Sgt. its apple muffins just add water oh this oven my not be for the back packer but camp ground or in my shop when hungry [ roast turkey next:afraid: :afraid: ]

http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/stoves%202/th_oven04.jpg (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/stoves%202/oven04.jpg)

Red Gauntlet
2007-05-02, 19:01
Pretty good to get baked goods with an alcohol stove...:adore:

2007-05-02, 19:31
Looks delicious!

Very impressive.