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2007-05-02, 13:56
First of all, I was referred to this website over a year and a half ago and it continues to be an invaluable resource in my outdoor activities. Thank you Sgt. Rock and all of the regulars who contribute on a regular basis, it has changed the way I look at backpacking and travel in general. Many thanks! :adore:

Before I make a purchase I wanted to get some thoughts on the moonbow gearskin. How many of you use it? Have you found anything comparable that maybe you like better? Any naysayers?

Its still hard to steer away from conventional thinking (like a preference for an internal frame pack) but I use the HH and love it (Along with the eggcrate pad) and I think a gearskin will work good as a part of my system.

I know two brothers from my hometown who succesfully thru-hiked the AT using the gearskin/HH combo and said they would never again use anything else.

Any thoughts are much appreciated,


2007-05-02, 14:55
I have something similar that is home made. Check out my posts in the home made gear section.

I like the fact that it is VERY light and simple. I can hike with many different styles(tarp/bivy,hammock,tent) with my setup and it is very simple. My pack could be lighter than it is now but it was over engineered.

2007-05-02, 16:00
SGT Rock has used the Gearskin for awhile. He did a writeup on it on his website.

2007-05-02, 19:10
Glad you mentioned the eggcrate pad. I don't own a gearskin, but I was serious about getting a custom one until I got wind of the BPL drybag pack finally coming out this year.

One common denominator of all the reviews I read about the Gearskin was using some sort of pad to serve as a frame against your back. When I switched to an underquilt, the gearskin idea became less than ideal. Just worth thinking about.

SGT Rock
2007-05-03, 00:36
I still love my Gearskin. I did see a lady hiker in the Smokies on her second thru with her Gearskin - and she didn;t use her pad as a frame like I do.

2007-05-03, 17:44
Before I make a purchase I wanted to get some thoughts on the moonbow gearskin. How many of you use it? Have you found anything comparable that maybe you like better? Any naysayers?

I don't own a gearskin (yet) but i use something similar, a homemade dayskin (http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1284). I've never carried a pad inside it but i packed it with nothing but pillows and a quilt when i took the pics, and it was stiff enough when compressed. I suspect it's possible to compress the gearskin more than my bleak copy, thus making it a lot more rigid. The harness of the original is definitely much better than what i use.

Don't copy the design and expect it to hold heavier loads than the five-or-so kilos that i designed it for. It might work, but i've never tested it beyond that. Btw, dayskin version 0.3 has finally been put on paper, ready for sewing.

Hog On Ice
2007-05-03, 19:37
I've used a Gearskin for several years now - works well for me but then I'm one who is basically happy using a CCF pad in my hammock so the pad is an integral part of the way I use the Gearskin. Note for winter trips the Gearskin allows me to carry up to 4 of the blue CCF pads for extra insulation.

2007-05-04, 09:55
I'd be too nervous about having my entire pack soaked with that thing.

2007-05-04, 16:33
Sgt. Rock, In setting up your gearskin for slack packing, you mention crossing over the straps. On my Gearskin the longest section of each strap is on the top of the pack, or on the side of the pack furthest away from the shoulder straps. If the long strap was on the other side (the edge nearest the shoulder straps), they could just reach across and attach to a short buckle on the other side. In fact the straps should alternate, then the cross-over would be easier to tighten. In short, I am asking, does the cross-over of straps appear as an X when you shorten for a day pack use?

SGT Rock
2007-05-05, 07:13
If I understand what I think you are saying - yes, there are two Xs on each side.