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2007-05-09, 17:39
Heya, I would like to add one of my favorite day hikes from here in Kentucky!! The Ridge Trail at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park (also known as the Misha Mockwa) runs Northeast from Middlesboro Ky on the Kentucky/Virginia state line for approx. 21 miles. On the trail you can stop by several historic homesteads of pioneer settlers positioned atop Pine Ridge. Awesome views of Appalachia from White Rocks (aprox. 3400 ft MSL?).

It can be argued whether the trail actually belongs to Kentucky, Virginia, or Tennessee. Regardless, its my favorite in the region. As far as I can remember no crowds. I don't know if it is still available but at one time I was also able to get a shuttle to the trail head.

Theres a great work of fiction called The Kentuckians by Janice Holt Giles. Story of the survival of pioneer settlers and their journey into Kentucky. Has many references to the region of Cumberland Gap. Excellent read.:biggrin: