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2007-05-11, 11:00
Look at me I'm a dirty rotten spammer! :bootyshak

I'm pretending to be from Quiznos so you'll click on a bogus link and make me some money, but you'll never see any 'cause you'll get sick of clicking on ads. :aetsch:

Why don't you email me and tell me how much you liked my post... here's my email address leya123@buffalo.com :albertein

Oh yeah and I did this 'cause my momma didn't raise me right! :bike:

john pickett
2007-05-11, 11:03
Who'se going to pound this poor fool today?
Rock? Dixie? or ????
Have at'em :aetsch:
John Pickett

2007-05-11, 14:50
hmmm I dunno... :angel:

2007-05-11, 16:37
Something tells me Rock & Dix already drop-kicked the fool :aetsch:.

Ook ook!

Frolicking Dino
2007-05-12, 11:14
When I saw this guy over at WB, I was hoping he would find his way here. :D

2007-05-12, 15:01
This thread is making me hungry! :argh:

I was all set to go out for a FREE sandwich and all I got was scammed! :banghead:

Got to go now and answer the guy about the free money in Nigeria! :albertein

2007-05-14, 11:32
I'm sure his momma and poppa did plenty of things to him besides not raising him right. Paint chip casserole, mercury milk shakes, pasta with pesticide sauce, glue fume fricassee, and don’t forget the ‘take yer clothes off an hug yer dog’ Friday night slumber parties.