View Full Version : Swap or sell forum?

2007-05-12, 01:34
You may have thought of this before and rejected the idea, but what about a place to swap or sell old equipment?
Of course it would have to be limited to hiking and related equipment, and be buy at your own risk.
-Just noticed a few people looking for equipment on the board lately.

2007-05-12, 08:41
I'll point this out to SGT Rock. Might be something worth adding if there's enough interest.

2007-08-12, 21:52
I like the idea. We have one over on Ramanon and it's always enjoyable to see what's new that has been posted!

SGT Rock
2007-08-13, 06:09

Here you go.

2007-08-13, 18:44
awesome. time to dig through some gear to put up for trade

2007-09-08, 21:45
New swap trade gives me ideas got to go look through gear so I can post!