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2007-05-12, 14:46
I've been thinking about a hoof or hook knife for carving chores but I saw this in the A.G.Russell catalog and thought it looked interesting; more useful (to me) than a Leatherman or Gerber tool. Comes in either a left or right hand version. A little spendy though (like most A.G. Russell stuff), can be found a little cheaper elsewhere.
For your perusal:
It's called a "Carvin' Jack" by "Flexcut" (FTW).

2007-05-12, 23:06
$20 bucks cheaper:
I looked at 20 to 25 sites and they were all priced the same as A.G.Russell ($129) or more, except for the 2 above.
Didn't look at shipping on the first site but shipping is free on the 2nd site.