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2007-05-12, 22:32
There are a few "unusual" methods of fire starting around (using ice, using a can etc.) Here's the video clip of another one that I thought would be of interest, or to file away where it may be of use someday...
Start a Fire (http://www.gadling.com/2007/04/24/use-a-condom-to-make-fire/)

Cheers, George. ;)

2007-05-12, 22:59
:afraid: Yep thats all i need to start a fire. If she finds it i say to start a fire she say who's fire:afraid: You see i am 64 she 69 [ flint steel lot safer ]

2007-05-12, 23:07
:biggrin: You've got a point there.
Where the rubber meets the road, as they say....

2007-05-12, 23:47
I've made a giant water baloons, filled one with helium and set it free, pulled them over my head and inflated it with air from my nose, used one to power a homemade sling shot, slipped lubricated ones over door knobs as a prank, but I never thought of doing that.

2007-05-13, 00:41
I think I've just seen it all!
But I'm with OOPS on this one and I'm 28 and the misses is 25.:help:

2007-05-13, 05:55
And I always thought I was being resourceful using it for its intended purpose.

Frolicking Dino
2007-05-13, 08:58
View from the fairer half of a couple here: balloons would work as well for starting campfires and are cheaper. Have you priced a divorce lately?

2007-05-13, 09:48
LOL... Now that was interesting to say the least.

2007-05-13, 09:54
Now to say don't keep one in wallet in backpack or survival kit.Keep in dresser drawer right. When i was young i kept one under my horn button in the car wish full thinking.:bike:

2007-05-13, 14:00
Have you priced a divorce lately?

Why are divorces so expensive???

Because they're worth it!!

:biggrin: :aetsch: :biggrin:

2007-05-14, 10:20
Speaking of condoms....

A friend of mine used to work for a septic pumping service, he got a call to pump a tank of a married couple.... The male owner calimed he had not had to have his tank serviced in 15years of living in the home... Upon lifting the lid off the tank, the owner said "what are all those things", as he looked at all the floaters on the surface of the debris.... My friend said; "oh, those are condoms.....they dont really desinegrate..." The owner said...."Condoms?...I don't use condoms......" All was quiet for a minute, and then he walked away with a dazed look on his face... (No kids at home, just he and his wife...):biggrin:

2007-05-14, 10:59
Well now who left home or who got the last word ?:afraid: :afraid:

2007-05-14, 13:34
I'm just glad it didn't involve friction.

2007-05-26, 17:32
I don't buy for a second that this video is for real. Only if, a big IF, the proper shape can be held long enough would this work. First: The video shows a shape closer to a sphere ( ball ) . A sphere won't work. Second: If you watch closely there is smoke without any charring of the material. Third : when the fire does start It starts to the side of where the "Sun" was being focused. "So you're out in the woods hiking alone, and you want to cook some Ramen. Dang, you forgot your matches. And your lighter. But you've got a condom and some water." Drink the water, open the condom, pull it over your head to you ankles , run in circles, flap your arms and cluck like a chicken. :marchmell You won't make a fire but who ever made this video, will STILL have his laugh. IMO. SS:captain:

2007-05-27, 02:30
Ok, here's another bloke reckons it can be done...

Also spotted another site that had a further series of pics of a successful attempt as well, so I'm thinking it can probably be done. Though I think I'll just carry a lighter. ;)

2007-05-27, 16:27
Here's a way of starting a fire using a soft drink can and some chocolate:

using a soft drink can and some chocolate (http://wildwoodsurvival.com/survival/fire/cokeandchocolatebar/index.html)

and here's a way

using ice (http://wildwoodsurvival.com/survival/fire/ice/index.html)

and actually a sphere makes a very good lens - it is known as an "equiconvex" lens. It is a converging or positive lens.

2007-05-27, 16:30
I agree with Geo, 110%. I do appreciate His thread and posted link. So I'm thinking it probably can be done, also. There is no flaw with the premise. Perhaps I was not as specific as I could have been........I was specifically referring to that particular video's truthfulness, in that he is doing it right then, as shown, without trickery. I also gave my reasons (3) for thinking so. People may see that video and believe that starting a fire without aid of a device meant to do so is easy. Devices meant to do so are... any lighter, mag' glass, Flint & steal etc. Here is a another link that shows how to make fire with chocolate bar and a soda can. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHRuEIsgrfQ . This video suggests they can do it, then cheat with a magnifying held off camera !! Showing it done while cheating and not disclosing that fact is misleading, not educational. I have seen it done and by seeing it done, without cheating, was educational. It was done differently than in this link. Again, I do appreciate all Geo's posts and always find them educational. IMO. SS"captain"