View Full Version : Iodine smell

2007-05-19, 00:02
It doesn't seem to matter how I store my Polar Pure it always seems to stink up the area I have it in.

I had a bottle of it wrapped in a sock and sealed inside a Ziplock that I then left over the winter in a drawer. The other day I opened the drawer above it to get a few maps out and I could smell it. I opened the drawer and the smell was strong.

There were no holes in the Ziplock, though it is now discolored.

At an earlier date I left a bottle sitting in a stainless cook pot for a couple months. It discolored and scored the metal.

How do you store it?

2007-05-19, 00:15
I thought it was just me..... I too have noticed smells coming thru ziplock bags in the past, like my jungle juice bug doody. I also have some car camping cintronella candles in trippled gallon ziplock freezer bags, and they still stink thru...3 layers!

My Coghlans iodine has ruined every small container I have tried carrying it in, I gave up...now carry the individually wrapped katadyne tabs. Smaller, lighter.

2007-05-19, 09:23
I have found oven bags to contain odor better than ziplocs.