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2007-05-23, 03:35
I used to keep my soap in a plastic container but it was difficult to use without somewhere to set it, and I got tired of cleaning pine needles and dirt off my soap.

At first I just made a cloth sling tied it to a tree and put the soap dish in it. This worked fine, but the plastic container didn't "breath" so my soap slowly turned to mush, it was bulky, and then it started to grow mold. It went in the trash.

I turned my sling into a cloth bag to hold the soap.
I sewed a rectangle of plastic cut from a milk bottle onto the cloth I made the bag from (to stiffen it up), made the bag, and then sewed some cords onto the bag to complete the sling.
-I usually tie it to a branch or to another cord tied around the tree.

I am very happy with this so far.


2007-05-23, 03:40
I was looking at this and thought I should explain why I don't set the soap directly on the plastic stiffener.
Too slippery, the soap kept falling off the shelf.