View Full Version : Gearskin pictures. ...and thoughts?

2007-05-24, 11:56
I'd like to ask those of you with Moonbowgear gearskins to do me a favour. ...or two really...

See, i'm thinking about my next (homemade) dayskin and would like to have more ideas to incorporate into the design before i start sewing. Things are harder to add as afterthoughts.

I'm also planning to get myself a real gearskin later this year and it would be nice to see the details and some thoughts on them before ordering. Sending something back for changes all the way from Lapland, Sweden, takes forever so it's better to get things right at once. (That is why i ordered two Hennessy hammocks too...)

So what i ask of you is that you upload images of your gearskin setup here and write a few lines about your decisions. Seeing the photos/drawings and your thoughts would be really helpful to me. ...and perhaps even to Moonbow? Their site is sadly lacking in the photo department. You photos could help change that.

Thanks in advance.

If you wonder then no, i'm not starting any manufacture to compete with Moonbowgear. The design of the dayskin will be published here on this forum as i've done with a previous version. If moonbow finds something interesting in the design then they are free to use those ideas in their own products. I'd be happy to have a gearskin with some of my own ideas, but then again isn't that the very reason for buying from a company like moonbowgear? To get something made for me and nobody else?