View Full Version : A few questions about my new Ion Stove

2007-05-31, 20:21
I just received my ion stove and I have a few questions.

The instructions say that the tipod should be setup with the legs sticking up into the air. I have seen you say on here that this is so that the tipod doesn't interfere with the flame pattern. It would seem that the tipod has been made smaller since you wrote this. If I were to place the tipod with the legs in the air the stove would sit on top of the cross supports of the tipod which would move it very close to the pot. This is not what you intend is it? With the cross supports on top it works just fine, but do you think that it will interfere with the flame pattern like you previously warned? The other problem is that now the simmer plate can not be placed on top of the stove without first removing the pot and tipod. Any thoughts?

One other minor thing. The top of the stove will not stay on with the fiberglass inside of it. When I took it out of the package the top was immediately pushed off by it. I believe that the fiberglass isn't really necessary, so it shouldn't be a problem, but if I want to use it in the future I will need to come up with a solution.