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2007-06-03, 13:57

It's time to post the latest incarnation of the dayskin, version 0.3. The differences to the 0.2 version are:

* Seven straps instead of eight
One top strap and two angled side straps change the look and shape of the compressed pack.

* Two layers of fabric
The single layer of the 0.2 version simply wasn't strong enough in the fabrics i had available.

* Wider shoulder straps
The straps are stuffed with soft material la Gossamergear G4, and pack completely flat when stored (rolled).

* Sternum strap
There's no hip belt, but there's at least a sternum strap.

Watch the beta sketch (ftp://ftp.parnanen.net/hiking/dayskin_03_collected.jpg) on my FTP server. One square equals 5 by 5 centimeters (roughly 2 by 2 inches).

I had hoped to get photos of gearskins in another thread, but since there were none i can't think of anything else to add to the design. Enjoy.
Jimtanker: Your gearskin-ish thingy has been one of the design inspirations this time around. Thanks for posting it. :)

2007-06-03, 14:25
Added another image to the FTP folder. It's an earlier (ftp://ftp.parnanen.net/hiking/dayskin_03_early.jpg) (and rougher) sketch. It shows (among other things] the pack shape that i hope to achieve.

2007-06-03, 23:39
Looks good, all your work is making me feel like building one.
I have one suggestion though (and you probably already thought of this),
I would hook the webbing attached to the shoulder strap to the middle of the strap. Otherwise I think one side of the shoulder strap is going to take most of the strain and be tight while the other side is loose.

2007-06-04, 15:57
Dropkick, the shoulder pads are intentionally asymmetric. There will be a sternum strap attached to it somewhere. ...and when i figure out where it's supposed to go then there will be some cutting and sewing to do. The end result will (hopefully) be something like in your drawing, but with a longer "triangle" extending to the sternum strap.

Does that make any sense at all?

During the development of 0.3 i had some some thoughts about having really wide straps, like a cut-up vest, but some sketches later the shoulder pads were back to straight and wide.

The 0.2 is used with a pack-sheet but the 0.3 will also have stuffsacks. Some call that evolution, but i guess it's just less chaos. The tiny toilet bag was the first sack, soon followed by the one for gadgets. Each are less than 0.7 liter.

Searching for the right things to put in those bags is part of the fun. I'm hiking and travelling light, not ultralight, and some gizmos have saved my life (well, almost). Don't worry, the 5 kilo carry-on weight limit is a good sieve for sorting the good gear from the completely unnecessary.

The subnotebook stays at home when hiking, though... ;)