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2007-06-04, 18:51
has anyone else heard of justin james? he came into my work(umg) to perform. I am becoming a fan of his album, sun drenched. It is very chill music to listen to while you just at the beach or just to relax to. If you are interested in that type of music i recommend him as an artist. I can see this artist becoming big bc he has that same sound jack johnson does.


i hope you like it

2007-06-04, 23:53
BigMark, so nice of you to share this special gift with us. It almost seems like I already know you. Infact, I do know you. You are that irritating guy selling his wares in a deceiptful way. Used car salesman comes to mind. You like free advertising? We can give you free advertising-bad advertising...

How about this instead; I post how crappy your beloved artist is, in an attempt to make things fair. Fifty Fifty. You and Me. I post things for free like:

Crappy Artist Justin James (or) Justin James sucks!

Then, every time someone Googles Justin James music, they hit on this thread also...

Justin James Sucks

Justin James Sucks

Justin James Sucks

See how this works? Enjoy the free advertising! No charge!

2007-06-05, 08:39
Iceman, good one.

Now who can I borrow a websit from.

On second thought, it sounds like it might involve work.
I had better quaff more beer and think about this.