View Full Version : Jimtanker Check In Here!

2007-06-04, 23:59
Ok JimTanker, it has been too long since we heard from you, CHECK IN HERE!

We want to know what the hell you are up to, over there in afghannystan (trashcanistan) !

Give us a report!!!:biggrin:

2007-06-05, 12:37
OK, here I am.

Nothing big really happens here in the 'Stan.

How often do you hear about this place on the news back there? I have been wondering that lately. I'm sure you hear about Iraq hourly, but what about here?

Its ground hogs day here. Same thing day in and day out. 10-12 hour work day 7 days a week. I get a day off about once a month and thats about it. I might put up a post about what my normal day is.

Thanks Kevin

2007-06-08, 12:57
Yep a post that's a good idea, you should, stay safe the more boring it gets the more careful you gotta be.